• Exhibitions and events contribute more than $3.2 billion to the Los Angeles economy each year.

  • In 2014, 5.2 million people attended conventions in Las Vegas.

  • $69 Billion contributed to the U.S. GDP in 2014 by the exhibitions and events industry.

  • There are more than 11,000 exhibitions conducted in the U.S. every year (CEIR)



Exhibitions Mean Business (EMB) - is a campaign that represents the collective voice of the exhibitions and events industry. EMB brings to life the dynamic story of this industry and serves as a central resource for testimonials, information and data that demonstrate its value. Guided by members of the exhibitions and events space, EMB strives to more effectively educate and inform business and marketing professionals, media and other influencers while promoting the power of face-to-face events.

From local mom and pop shops to some of the world’s largest manufacturers, the exhibitions and events industry does more than just bring people together. It truly shapes the future of a worldwide audience: how they meet, connect and work together to create new and prevalent opportunities.

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